Stance Yearbook 2018


Earlier this year Stance Kiteboarding adopted a new format and with this remodeling we wanted to make you live exclusive, authentic and unique adventures, 100% produced by us.

First of all we study the destination finely. Of course, it has to be a windy corner of paradise but also original and even unusual. Then we contact the best riders of the moment of the concerned discipline to make sure we will have very good material. Finally we fine tune the scenario because the most important thing is to tell you a story that will excite your ears and your eyes. This is how the Stance webstories were born.

And to finish illustrating these 2018 adventures in the most beautiful way, we decided to bring them together in the essential Yearbook.Here is the heart of this new project which we hope will give you more than ever the desire to continue to turn our pages.

220 pages



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